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What are they?

Funding accounts are financial structures that allow us to operate leveraged with the money lent by others in exchange for a distribution of profits.

First they make us operate in a simulation environment, and after their validation or casting examination, they let us actually operate.

Most work with a 90-10 split, i.e. 10% of the profits will have to be given in exchange for operating with their capital, which is not bad as 90% of the profits remain.

And what do they get? To have thousands of traders working with their funds. In addition, there is a maximum loss sustained on which we cannot go down, so actually by statistics the casting company will not lose, because if we start having an irregular or bad performance, we will be closed the casting account.

A monthly fee is also payable until the casting examination is approved.

As we mentioned earlier, we have to keep in mind that we cannot get down from the drawdown, that is, at the moment we lower the $1500 account in the case of the most basic one, they will close the account.

They are very fashionable right now, because they allow us to operate with apparently little investment on our part. If you wanted to live off trading, day after day and make money, you’d need at least $30,000 saved. Since this is ultimately a very high amount, in order to operate and live from trading you need to invest quite a lot.

What I do recommend is to first understand how this works before entering, and to know what the business is and what is behind this type of account.

We also have to bear in mind that we remove the emotional component in part, as in case of total loss, we really lose the subscription to the casting test, not all the capital or maximum drawdown.

Another advantage is that we could work with several accounts, so we can replicate the strategy between several small accounts.

Here you have to get the casting test approved.


Funding test, exam

There are tests to be able to pass the casting account. During the evaluation process, we will need to operate in trial mode for a time when we will be asked (for example, one month) for a minimum profit.

If we don’t pass, we’il have to keep paying for the test until we pass it.
That is to say, they will put us in a simulation environment, within which we will have to show that we can meet the objectives set.

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I recommend you start with the $25,000, the most basic, account, see that such and already progressively open more accounts or larger accounts.

FTMO-based account
This is another of the best known deep-seated account platforms. With this you can open up to $200,000 accounts where 90% of the profits are for you. This is a platform that was born in Prague, then we leave you the highlights as well as the conditions of the evaluation program and how to approve.

The evaluation process in FTMO is as follows:

First there is an exam called the FTMO challenge where we have to prove that we have trading knowledge. During this period, the maximum loss per day is €500 and we can’t lose more than €1000. The goal to move on to the next phase is to win 1000€ and costs 155€

evaluation ftmo
The conditions to operate in FTMO in the next phase, in the verification phase, as we see is to earn 500€ .

Once we approve and become a FTMO trader, we will not have minimum days but our limits will remain 500 500 of maximum loss per day and 1000 1000 of total maximum loss. As long as we meet these requirements, we will continue to have an open account.

Operation of the consolidated accounts and warning from the CNMV about these accounts
Merge accounts generally operate through specific platforms; this type of account is not usually seen in regular brokers.By the way, you have to take into account the CNMV’s warning (which I also leave here linked in PDF)

The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has issued warnings on the Forex market-based accounts linked to training courses. According to the CNMV, it has received complaints from users regarding websites that offer access to a trading account without contributing own funds, where the company would be responsible for contributing initial capital. These companies often require high-cost training courses, aptitude tests and operational training under certain established rules. The CNMV emphasizes that these companies are not regulated by their entity and therefore do not offer the usual guarantees and protections associated with regulated financial entities.

Once the funding campaign has been created, investors can review the details of the project and decide if they want to invest in it. They can contribute funds in different amounts, depending on their interest and financial capacity. If the funding objective is achieved within the established time frame, the funds are transferred to the applicant and the funded account is considered successful. If the target is not met, investors recover their money and the underlying account is not carried out.

Advantages of the underlying accounts:
Access to capital: The well-founded accounts provide a new source of funding for projects or ideas that could otherwise have difficulty obtaining capital through traditional methods. It allows us to access funds more democratically and expand funding opportunities.
Market validation: By submitting a project in a consolidated account, applicants can obtain early validation of their idea or product. If investors are willing to finance the project, this indicates that there is interest in the market and can help attract other potential investors or partners.
Lower risk for applicants: Unlike traditional loans, where interest-bearing capital is to be repaid, well-founded accounts do not generate debt. Applicants can obtain capital without incurring an additional financial burden and only share future profits with investors.
Problems or disadvantages of these accounts
While well-founded accounts offer benefits, it is also important to consider certain challenges and risks associated with this approach.

Evaluation process in FTMO:

FTMO Challenge: Evaluation begins with a challenge similar to a demo account, but with specific rules. You operate in a demonstration environment with daily and total loss limits.
Performance objectives: You are set goals of profit that you must achieve in order to move on to the next phase. Generally, there is a specific amount you must win to overcome this challenge.
Verification: Once you have passed the initial phase, you move to a verification phase where you have to show consistency in your operations, meeting certain profit targets and loss limits.
Continuous Operation Conditions: Once the evaluation has been approved, there are continuous conditions for daily and total loss limits, but with more flexibility in terms of duration and types of operations.
On both platforms, the idea is to evaluate the trader’s ability to operate with discipline, manage risks and gain consistently within certain predefined parameters. These evaluation processes are designed to be challenging, but offer the opportunity to obtain a casting account once successfully completed.Terms and Conditions of Operation
The operating restrictions are not only about the maximum amount of loss, we detail below.

Operating conditions and limitations in Apex:
Daily and Total Loss Limits: Generally, daily and total loss limits are set. For example, you could have a daily loss limit of $100 and a total limit of $500 for the basic account.
Performance Objectives: You could also set daily, weekly or monthly performance targets. These may vary depending on the type of account, but you are expected to earn some profit within a specified period.
Strategies and Duration Restrictions: The permitted strategies could be limited. They could restrict certain types of operations, such as scalping, or duration of operations, by prioritizing intra-day operations.
Risk Management: Apex often emphasizes sound risk management. They may require a conservative approach to the size of operations and capital protection.
Conditions and limitation of operations in FTMO:
Daily and Total Loss and Profit Limits: FTMO sets specific limits for loss and profit, both daily and total. For example, the daily loss limit could be €500 and a total of €1000.
Profit objectives: You will be set clear goals of profit that you must achieve in order to overcome each stage. These goals are usually achievable but challenging.
Operation Restrictions: There may be restrictions on the style of trading. For example, they might prefer intra-day operations and limit high-risk strategies.

Fiscal conclusions on the operation of the funding accounts

Funded accounts represent a new form of financing that has revolutionized the way people and businesses get capital for their projects. These accounts provide access to capital, market validation and a more flexible financing structure for applicants. While there are associated challenges, the potential of sound accounts to drive innovation and foster investor-entrepreneurial collaboration is undeniable. As these platforms continue to evolve, they are likely to play an increasingly important role in the global financial landscape.

In today’s financial world, there are a variety of tools and solutions that enable businesses and individuals to obtain the capital needed to carry out their projects and goals. One of the most innovative and promising approaches is the concept of sound accounts. In this article, we will explore what deep-seated accounts are and how they are revolutionizing the way in which funding is obtained.

Taxation of fondue accounts
In the following section we will give you all the information you need to know about how the profits obtained from the fund account or the public finances should be reflected in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Should the benefits of fondue accounts be declared?
Once we know what the casting accounts are about, there is a recurring doubt, and is there any tax on the profits obtained?… the answer is yes, as this is a yield obtained and must be taxed by the Income Tax of natural persons or the Corporate Tax, depending on whether it is acting as a natural or legal person in the casting accounts.

For the profits obtained shall constitute an income of labour or capital, which shall be recorded. It happens that as a broker you have an obligation to give information of all movements that can be requested by the administration. To know whether it is capital or labour performance, it will depend on how often withdrawals are made.

If withdrawals are carried out on a monthly and periodic basis, they must be discharged as self-employed, as it will be very difficult for the administration not to prove that this is a recurrent activity, since it is understood to be a “salary”. In addition, in this case, since it is an activity and is carried out by invoicing, a VAT registration must also be carried out in order to be able to appear before the Treasury. If, on the other hand, withdrawals are not usual (maximum 2 per year) they must not be considered as self-employed as they are not considered an activity. In the absence of an activity, a VAT registration should also be carried out and recorded in the IRPF declaration as a capital increase.
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